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SIZAH 5 in 1 Cleaning Kit for Airpods, Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Headphones and More Comes with New Cleaning Pen and Soft Brush, Flocking Sponge, Clean Cloth and Cleaning Spray. Multi-function: This 5 in 1 Cleaning kit tool includes a Pen nib with a soft brush, Flocking sponge, cleaning cloth and cleaning spray. The Pen nib is known for picking dust from tight & small areas, and the brush Is to clean dust which is been picked. The flocking sponge is known to clean the inside of the air-pod or headphones case. The spray is used on the device screens and the cleaning cloth is used to wipe the spray to clean any dirt, oil or fingerprints on the screen. Suitable for: These are suitable for a huge range of electronics including Headphones, Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, desktops and more. These are also an excellent gift for students, Photographers, teachers, people suffering from OCD and anyone else who loves perfectly cleaning their devices. Features: Strong decontamination, good water imbibition, Recyclable, Easy to carry, Deep clean, Multipurpose, One-piece design, Safe material, Screen Cleaner, keyboard cleaner, airpod cleaning kit and more. Unique design: This airpods cleaning kit is light and portable which is gentle and soft to touch and meets a huge variety of cleaning needs. The cleaning kit is made of environmentally friendly soft material for easy daily use. Instructions: Push the switch upward to expose the pen nib. The metal pen nib is used to clean the stubborn dirt in gaps of the machine and the brush is used to clean the granular dirt of the machine. The switch is pushed down, and the flocking sponge leaks out. The flocking sponge is used to clean dust and stains. Aim at the screen to be cleaned, Press the nozzle 2-3 times, and the wipe it with the cleaning cloth. Suitable Items: This product is suitable to clean airpods, airpod case, mobile phone, laptops, headphones, laptop case, keyboards, Camera.

1.【Cleaner Flocking Sponge】The soft flocking sponge of the headphone cleaning pen kit can perfectly remove dust from the wireless earphone charging case.    
2.【Clean and Delicate】Multifunctional cleaning pen with a high-density brush, easy to clean the dirt on the sound hole of earphones and other parts, the metal pen tip can clean stubborn dust, clean the gap thoroughly, built-in handle: Hold the top of the flocking sponge upside down.    
3.【Integrated Design】 The design is more concise and elegant, more integrated, all functions are integrated into one without disassembly, and it is light to carry. Maintains a good grip on the pen and easily removes stubborn stains at any time.    
4.【Safe Material】The 3-in-1 headphone cleaning pen kit is made of eco-friendly, safe, and soft materials that will not damage the earbud components and holes.    
5.【Multifunctional Use】The headphone cleaning pen is suitable for digital products such as wireless earphones, wired earphones, mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc.


Product Details:
Material: ABS + metal + sponge + microfiber cloth
Product weight (without detergent): 40g
Product size: 3.8*7.5*1.8CM
Type: computer cleaning brush
Color: Q6 cleaning kit without 5ML cleaning solution


1. Liquid cleaners are not included for shipping reasons.    
2. Manual measurement, the size will have an error of 0.5-2mm, please refer to the actual size.    
3. Due to the difference in light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.

Package Contents:
Cleaning Kit*1(5ML Cleaning Liquid)


5-in-1 Screen Cleaner Kit for Office Cleans All Types Of Screens And Electronics

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